Salvo "Sidney" Alfieri, always a lover of all forms of art, is a person who has always sought and seeks various forms of art to express his being. Sicilian writer, musician, author, blogger, independent artist, multi-faceted and introspective, in all of his arts.

The first form of art he meets is music, at the age of 15. Falling in love with Sid Vicious, the Sex Pistols and then punk, he starts playing bass.

He gets summoned in the Ragusan band of Carmelo Emmolo “La Gabbia di Maila”as bassist, for two years together with them treads the best Ragusan boards. In 2017 he was forced to leave the group because of the tour with the Overcoma, founded in 2015 after taking a "crush" for Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. He then Approaches to grunge music.

From here he decided to start writing his own music and founded a group of his own, the Overcoma, of which he is still the founder, author, guitarist and singer. The first EP is released the same year and in a short time they are already able to make their way into the Sicilian and Italian underground scene with various contests. The following year they signed for Ciaor Records, another important goal for the band.

In a short time the Overcoma were reviving a genre that in Italy seemed to have disappeared, the Chaotic Rock.

Between 2017 and 2019, in addition to arrive onto Emcode, they go on tour around Italy to promote their first album "Ambrosia", released in February 2019. Among the most important dates we recall their arrival to the final on the Ariston stage for the “Sanrmeo Rock” and the invitation to the "Roma Distorted Festival"

In October 2018 he moved to Florence to study "Visual Arts and Painting" at the Academy of Fine Arts, a place that allowed him in a short time to organize his first exhibitions exposing his first works. He manages to get noticed for his strongly expressionistic, introspective and almost unusual style for the time in which he lives

For years he has also raised a passion for writing, in fact, without knowing it, he is enrolled in the National Poetry Competition coming among the top 50 emerging Italian poets. Also, in the summer 2019 the first book "Il Bacio di Venere" is scheduled to be released, an intimate and romantic collection of poems.

Currently he is responsible for reporting musicians on the blog and promoting promote your music on foreign radio stations.


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